A tribute to Office Space

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Can you have writer’s block if you’re not a writer? I think so. Here I am, sitting at work trying to do as little as possible, when a good friend of mine calls me and tells me to post something on my blog. One little problem---writers block. I actually don’t like the term “writer’s block”. It’s not a very accurate representation of the problem at hand, plus it can be taken to mean other things.

-Hey!!! Where do you live?
-On the writer’s block!!!!

See what I mean. And that was only one example. I know it was a cheesy example but give me a break I have writers block………………….holy shit! I got it.

Think about, when a writer has trouble putting something down on paper it’s not that there is a mysterious force blocking the words from migrating from his or her mind to the page.
Ex: Dick Chaney

Its more like the writer is having trouble getting the words out………..it’s more like literary constipation. That’s it!!!!!!!!!! Literary constipation.

This post sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I hate being constipated.

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